Friday, November 1, 2013

The cost of a car

I got to thinking today about my car. Just how of a dent does it put in my pocket?

Now the biggest change I see now is of course the skyrocketing price of gas. This alone has gone from $1164 five years ago to $2015 this year. Granted I changed to A bigger car a couple of years ago but my commute has not changed and we don't go on long trips really. 
My average running cost of my small SUV is $3723 a year. This is almost 10% of my expenditures in a year. Seems high but reasonable. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of having a car, aside from the necessity of needed a car to get to work. I can see keeping the car In Retirement but cutting that fuel bill by walking and taking the bike out for exercise and fun With the kids.

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