Thursday, June 21, 2012

Having a heat wave!

Having a heat wave...  Da, da, da, da, daa...
Notice on the chart below starting on the 19th and 20th...
That is the result of air conditioning during a heat wave we are having in these parts.  Ugh, that bill is going to hurt!  There is still at least another day of these 30c+ degree days due to us as well!

Since I have to keep the family cool, I'm going to have to get to work on some improvements around the house.  I need some functional air register vents, some of the old ones barely close or open when required.  I need to evenly distribute the AC more upstairs.  The second floor still gets a bit warm.  I also need to get some window covering up on upstairs office window.  That is letting on too much hot sun.

Those last two days of yellow and red bars are costing me $4.08 where normally I would be spending $0.53 for those days, $3.55 extra!

No data to build chart

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