Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A History of dividends, 2005-2012 so far

I thought I'd look over the historical growth of my dividends over the years.  I really started to keep close records around 2005 and that was when I started to really get into investing for dividends.

As you can see I've had some ups and flat periods.  Things flattened out around 2008-2010, then I put more of my wife's capital towards dividend stocks.  We had a nice jump after that point for 2011.  Now you can see we are slowing again as far as growth goes.  With Wendy now taking care of our child, now my income must handle the burden of getting rid of the mortgage and adding to our investment holdings.  As you can see the mortgage has been winning out.
2013 is an estimate based on current dividends and some estimated increases from solid divvy increasers.

I think I'm going to have to try and formulate a plan to at least get a modest growth in dividends in 2013.

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